Divya Rasa was revealed in a dream on February 17th 2013. It was initiated as a pure thought and has since taken its course to manifest as it is today. This project is initiated and guided by the Masters of Love, Light and Wisdom.


As a result of previous, a bunch of people left their lives, careers, country and more in order to act in accordance to what was revealed. It was a blind leap of faith that brought us to Tiruvannamalai, the land of Siddhas.


Whatever beginnings and endings we call to events, in their wholeness, mark only the artistic freedom of storytelling. In reality Divya Rasa has been, is and will always be. Yet, for the sake of life and expression let’s call it the beginning.


Divya Rasa began as a Center for Autism, as the inner guidance was pointing in that direction. The first poem about autistic children and their role on this planet emerged in 2013. The poem "KurayAna Kolathil Kurayulla Kalathil" brought life and light to this dream project. 


Plans are made and they exist in the reality of Now. No alteration or change of thought is required or need to be applied. However, what we seem to grasp as a linear development of things to One goal may often turn out to be a long path with many turns hidden on the way.


On 5th of April 2015 a meeting was organised, which started as a casual gathering ended up in hugs, tears, emotions, promises and decisions, dream turning a reality. The team was set!


In a span of 5 months since that meeting we had identified the land and paid a considerable advance for it. We also registered the Trust (Divya Rasa Trust), which noble souls have helped and are continuing to help to carry on its purpose while more and more people are joining hands.


This initiative is not just to redefine Autism but to redesign life itself as times are rapidly changing. Consciousness is taking a shift towards unconditional love and freedom. When someone asks “when” or “how” or “why” we find ourselves answering that all we know is that we are sure of the path and the process we are involved with.




By Now, the 8th March, 2019, we may be a little wiser but definitely much more experienced. It dawned to us very quickly that what we thought to be a design for autism, turned out to be a design for Healing. This we are learning slowly. However, the fact that during the past 4 years there has been times when more than half of the children were not autistic, speaks for this.


Maybe this happened because we never held a rigidly to the idea but rather made efforts to answer every call that came our way. However, we struggled and still do, to reach that state to serve without reservations. 


The Divya Rasa Trust now runs a day-care center on a two-acre expanse for differentially abled children. We have developed the land and together with our children we do gardening, take care of the cows here, cook and spend the day with various activities and therapies that according to our understanding benefit the children. Our aim still is to work through the days in such a manner that all the kids have their own special needs met.