Center for Healing, Learning, Research and Communication

Divya Rasa was conceived in a dream in 2007. Some eight years later, in 2015, Divya Rasa Charitable Trust was registered and a 2-acre land acquired in Tiruvannamalai. Our journey in Tiruvannamalai started as a trust dedicated to the well-being and care-taking of autistic and other differentially abled children. With the onslaught of Covid-19, we were forced to close the center. However, the old idea of having special children here sprouted anew, and we are in the process of re-starting the day-care center with a small number of local children.


Our center started with a small GoShala, which now has grown to have 23 cows. As we continuously search ways to maintain their well-being in the best possible ways, we continue enjoying their company.


Besides the above, we have started a project to raise funds for a kinder garden for local children from in and around our village.