Center for Healing

Divya Rasa was conceived in a dream in 2007. Some eight years later, in 2015, Divya Rasa Charitable Trust was registered and a land acquired in Tiruvannamalai. Now, five years later, the land has developed into a Center for Healing.  Even if we started the project with autism and autistic children in mind, it quickly turned out that there were children with various backgrounds approaching us with their parents. Hence, we are no more calling this a center for autism, although the majority of the children here are on the spectrum.

There is a Space for children to come to be in Tiruvannamalai now. 2 acres of land with cows, trees, pond, spaces for individual and group sessions and relaxation, and a common kitchen where we daily prepare the lunch together, is the "Ground Zero" for the Healing to happen. 


Our days are filled with activities and therapies, yoga, chanting and study. Each one we seek to involve according to their inclinations and capabilities.

An alternative approach to the process of Healing is through the slow and timely pace of the Mother Nature.


For those here, who can function as the neurotypicals usually do (we who run the center or work in here), the Healing is happening through service, which is our spiritual practice as well.


In this land of Shiva, we have grown to understand that promises of change or healing are unwarranted. We hold no position or power in our minds to heal others or change their destinies. That has to happen through Grace and individual's own efforts.


However, what ever virtues and skills we hold, we make constant efforts to actively offer for the well-being of others.