Thasleem Farzana

The Visionary leader of the Project Love connecting people from different backgrounds under the banners of common interests benefitting everyone taking part and those being around.

Pekka Kontiainen


Pekka heard the call of Siddhas as a young boy, or then he just couldn't sit still. However, after finishing his Ph.D. on Ural owls, he practiced his learnt skills for a few years before heading to India.


Having had the conviction that it is there, that the life may best unfold, he did not look back, and made his eleventh to settle in the heat of Tiruvannamalai. With the Grace of Masters and Arunachala, he is still part of the team.

M.I. Nayeem

Nayeem is the voice of reason and logic for this cart set to travel on the paths of it's mystic leader. Never unavailable, never tired to advice, support and suggest. Always part of the process, no matter how big or small a matter at hand. 


Prema Mahima

 The steady and not-so-silent friend of heart and soul, who never fears to voice out her opinion, to spare the time and energy to listen to and support. An irreplaceable part of the team to keep the project going. 


M.A. Neelavathy


Neela has a strong interest in astrology, helping and service, which she has combined in her work with astrology since 2008. On the field of astrology she has attained MA in astrology, M.Sc. in applied astrology, awarded Jyotidar Siromani -title from Ramanujar's Institute of Astrological Research and Study Centre. Past ten years she has also been a free-lancer working for LIC (life insurance company). Neela comes in with five years of intense learning of Vedic chants, ancients scriptures, slokas and Vedic methodology of addressing astro-issues.