Pekka Kontiainen, Ph.D.


Born and brought up in a land blessed with thousands of lakes,  Pekka by means of destiny is re-planted at Tiruvannamalai, India. From the chill Finland he came to this country holding warmth towards life purpose and Siddhas to whom he has dedicated the life. 


Ph.D. in evolutionary biology from the university of Helsinki, sadhak on the path of Siddha yoga, certified practitioner of Shiatsu (Japanese healing art), traveller, trek guide taking groups to Himalayan ranges, teaching experience from primary grade to research students in the University of Helsinki, instant learner and innovative teacher. Pekka has more than 10 years of experience in martial arts. 


Pekka has chosen this country and children in turn embraced him, their messages and notes say: "Pekka will help to learn and evolve", "Pekka is the silent source of  energy" and much more...


A Finn in India co-creating the Temple of Love!


M.I. Nayeem


Mr. Nayeem Khan is an engineering graduate with Master's degree in business administration. Having worked 24 years in the corporate sector and traveled across the world he is our link to the corporate world and a source of knowledge in many practical questions. Mr. Nayeem comes with an attitude of selfless service whenever his help is needed.

Prema Mahima


Mahi is a graduate in nutritional sciences and dietetics. She represents the metaphysical and esoteric side of Project Love. Although her understanding and interests towards the project are much spiritually oriented, the solid work she does on the ground level with mundane matters is priceless.

M.A. Neelavathy


Neela has a strong interest in astrology, helping and service, which she has combined in her work with astrology since 2008. On the field of astrology she has attained MA in astrology, M.Sc. in applied astrology, awarded Jyotidar Siromani -title from Ramanujar's Institute of Astrological Research and Study Centre. Past ten years she has also been a free-lancer working for LIC (life insurance company). Neela comes in with five years of intense learning of Vedic chants, ancients scriptures, slokas and Vedic methodology of addressing astro-issues.