Go Samrakshanam - Feed Our Cows


Each of us are unique beings, whether we speak of the animals or the humans. Everyone has their story, but not all have a chance to ever tell it. We will try our best and share the stories of our 26 cows, who all need your support to be well taken care of and fed healthy. Meet our cows here.


Please, help us give these cows the good care every living being needs.


The needs for running a Go Shala for one month in Divya Rasa


Salary of staff (2 person) taking care of the cows is Rs. 14,000 per person monthly.


Fodder expenses for 26 cows monthly:


Rice straw                  Rs. 10,000

Peanut cake              Rs. 15,000


Supplements            Rs. 5,000


Medical care            Rs. 2,000


Total monthly expenses Rs. 60,000


Divya Rasa Trust

IndusInd Bank

A/c:    201001654371

IFSC:  INDB0000822

Chennai, Anna Nagar West branch


Humbly thanking you for your support.


-Team Divya Rasa