Go Samrakshanam - Feed the Cows

Thanks to the benevolent beings, we have been donated a number of cows (17), which we are now taking care of.


The milk we received from the few cows which were giving it, was used to cook excellent tea and coffee, to make curd, and the major part we sold and the money was then used for the upkeep of the cows. 


As of now we have 17 cows (4 young ones), which require their share of care. Our monthly expense on the cow fodder is roughly Rs. 15,000. This consists of black gram, rice bran and peanut cake we buy to the cows for extra fodder. Also a few acres of rice straw is required for the coming summer. If you feel like supporting the cows and their lives, consider offering good and healthy meals for them.


Thank you for your support.