Commune Projects

We recognize that good education goes a long way in this world. In our communal projects we recognize any kind of help needed, like the emergency of Sundar Ayya's house building during the monsoon season. However, we recognized that mostly people were in need of monetary help with education. And that is just fine. As Jesus taught: Give man a fish and he will not be for a day, but teach him fishing and that goes for a life-time.


Below are our cases, which you can support according to your capability and will.

Mahalakshmi's education

Mahalakshmi is a 14-year old girl, who lost his father in a traffic accident few years back. She also lost her mother as she remarried and was ever since unable to be in touch with her. We are looking forward to support Maha's education through the last four years until her 12th grade.

Lakshata's education

Lakshata is a 5-year old girl from the Su Kilnachipattu village, Tiruvannamalai. She is coming to our day-care center daily. Having observed her character and awareness in the middle special kids and adolescents has convinced us that putting her to English medium school would do best justice to the caliber she is holding. We are looking forward sponsors to help her through her education up and until the 12th grade.

Lekhasree's education

Lekhasree is studying her first year in college. She and her elder brother lost their parents 8 years ago. Ever since their grandmother has been taking care of their raising, caring and education. She has grown old, however, and they all are suffering from the lack of very basic life essentials like proper food. We are looking for sponsorships for the 3 years of Lekhasree's education to cover her necessary educational expenses, as well as provide basic, yet healthy, food to the table.

Chandru's education

We know S Logeshwaran, Chandru as he is fondly called, from late 2018, when the trust received its first cows and Chandru's mother, Parameshwari came to look after them and do some house-hold work for the center. Every evening one brisk chap would come straight from school to our center and dutifully do his homework, and afterwards help his mother when she was doing her duties. Strikingly, Chandru did not only do his part, but he seemed to do it well, efficiently and even enjoying all the work That was something which impressed us very much from the beginning.


Much thanks of his grooming and raising goes to his mother, who took chances and put him in an English medium school to study. Although there are fees there compared to the free government school, she reasoned it would be much more inspiring and beneficial environment for her son to grow and learn.


Chandru and Parameshwari come from poor backgrounds and past years have brought also Covid, unemployment and Chandru's father Sundaramurthy's long-term illness. Due to all these reasons, Chandru's school fees are almost completely pending for the past four years. He is now attending his 9th grade.


Our aim is to help them raise funds to pay off the pending fees so that Chandru may receive his 10th grade certificate and also finish studying up to 12th grade.


Thank you for your time and kind thoughts


Thasleem and Pekka for

Divya Rasa Trust

Logeshwari's education

Logeshwari is studying her first year to become a physiotherapist. She comes from a poor family and her mother had to even pledge her Tali to settle the education fees of the first year. We wish to find the kind-hearted people to help her through the three remaining years to a profession she is deeply attracted to.

Imran's care and medical bills

Imran is a 15-year old muslim boy, who came to our fold in 2018. He is a sunny bloke full of life and laughter, but at the same time, his nature is very wild, to say the least.


Imran's parents adopted him, when he was only 3 days old, and left alone to the hospital. It very soon turned out that Imran has epilepsy, mental retardation, some body-coordination issues and autism.


Despite all this, Imran's parents decided to keep him and take care of him. They are from lower middle-class and manage their house-hold well, but they have reached their limits when it  comes to health (Imran's father has several blocks in his heart and is in queue to get stents installed (1st Dec 2022). All said, they are in need of support of taking caring of their child. Now, that Imran's father's health is affected, they are in need help in transportation and care-taking of the child.

Sundar Ayya's House Project

Sundar Ayya and his family of 7 used to live in a simple hut, until a strong and local storm literally demolished it. They then put their savings together to build a house for the 3 generations living together before the monsoon rains. However, their funds ran short before the roof was in place. With the help of generous and kind-hearted people, we managed to raise enough funds to lay a proper roof above their heads. Our humble thanks to all, who made this possible.


One behalf of Team Divya Rasa,

Thasleem & Pekka