Developing the land

We have had hands full of work during the past months with our day-care centre and related affairs. Spirits are high and momentum is good. At this point we wish to acknowledge all those kind souls who have been helping and supporting us in various ways during the journey. Without you all, it would have been a much rougher path to this stage. 

Past months we have also been slowly developing the 2-acre plot, the residential centre is about to be built on, and the photos in the slide-show are about this progress.


First came the bore well with fresh water literally inside the rock, exactly as the old water diviner had said. With the support of friends we could soon after fence the land. Again, it was only through the support and help of kind souls we could get electricity and water supply to the land. 


As it is with a boulder rolling down the slope, also we got momentum and opportunities. Forestry department decided to give free 150 tree saplings which we together with many hands planted and started nursing through the hot summer.


Now the land is being developed by expert farmers for us to take the initial steps towards self-sustainability. Architects at GNA have been busy as well, although their work will be visible to the naked eye only after some months.


Today it is World Autism Awareness Day. Let's embrace Autism and the difference it will bring to this world.



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    Pekka (Monday, 03 April 2017 03:52)

    We also got a green house on the land. Here we will continue our work in turning the land green, lush and productive.

    The joy says it all.

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    Vinod (Monday, 03 April 2017 20:50)

    Great and happy to see the progress I hope this is just a beginning I know this organization will do wonders to the needy people. I am like a drop of water in a mighty ocean.,
    Loving you all for all efforts without any expectations.