Meet the Children

We have been posting this and that relating to Divya Rasa and the happenings around the project. It is about the time to show the main architects of our project, the students of Divya Rasa who actually are teaching the teachers of Divya Rasa.


The people are first appearing in photos in alphabetic order listed below:


Abhinav, Achuth, Bala Aditya, Barathvaj, Jaya-Dev, Joanna, Kajaanan, Kavin, Niranjan, Nithya, Senthur, Vishnu (with Kali the Dog and Trebhuvan), Vithuran 


Arjun is missing from the slideshow, as well as Hariram and Shreya (two former students of Divya Rasa)


Thereafter there are a few other clicks for the good time spent.