James came to visit us

We were happy to receive one long-term spiritual seeker and a  professional with autism and photography to Divya Rasa twice this month.


James came to Tiruvannamalai to shoot and write a documentary about the Vedic school run in Ramanashramam. As a keen person to offer his services and skills for others, he had scanned through the options in Tiruvannamalai, and contacted us for a visit. He ended up visiting twice, sharing his experience and knowledge about autism and mentoring / crafting tools for communication with autistic individuals. Such sparks of laughter and smile he showed. Please enjoy some photos of and by James below. Children being in the main focus, as it is.


With this post we encourage anyone, professional or not, who is interested in Divya Rasa in some way to contact and come say a "Hi" when around here.


We are happy to welcome you back any time, James.