Newsletter from Divya Rasa

It has been 6 months from the previous post. It is a long time. Yet, we have not been wasting it but quite vice versa. Hands full of work, we have been developing new approaches with children, constructing a new space for healing, developing new ways to raise funds through Divya Rasa - Drapes of Nature etc. This all takes time but is not so interesting to write stories about. 

We still have been feeling that not sharing and giving out to that extended circle of people who are not immediately working with us is not the right way to go. In our effort to correct this, we decided to start writing a monthly "Newsletter" for which we put some of our personal experiences and thoughts from the way.

Please find attached a pdf with the text and a couple of photos. More pictures will be coming soon enough. A promise.



October 2018 Newsletter
Few thoughts from the way of Divya Rasa by Thasleem and Pekka
Oct 2018.pdf
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