News from the Land

Some months have passed since we have published anything from the land we have been now developing for Divya Rasa. Last Monday we officially inaugurated our new space for the children, and us too. From now on we are shifting our activities there and after the next project of a small and ecological (also economical) set of "classrooms" is ready, the aim is to have the whole bunch of children and staff there.


Besides the new space, we launched a campaign to donate cows to Divya Rasa. The idea was, that through this we can start developing self-sustainable income generation model for Divya Rasa. The response was far more than we ever anticipated. We now have 7 cows roaming the land and for their use we also build a shelter there. 


All in all, life has come to the land. Besides it being the rainy season, we are now daily enthusiastically rushing to feed the cows and play with the dogs, who have settled with us there. This with some gardening projects keep some of us very busy.

Few pictures below.