After a long time

It has been a while since we have written anything on the Blog. Rather, it has been one and a half years. This has been a very hectic time for us, with little energy left to keep others informed or public front up. Yet, the life has moved ahead with leaps and bounces and we have come a long way since the last blog post.


Let me keep the story of past time short for you. In December 2018 we shifted from our original rented center to our land, where we had constructed a hut to spend the ours days in.  Along the shift came 13 cows, as donations from various kind beings. As Saravanan said: "The land became alive with their arrival". That was early 2019.


Shortly after this we parted ways with our dearest companions on the path, Kalpana and Saravanan. We four were strong in our views, but we found out that there were fundamental differences in the ways we would like to pursue our goals. Hence, we set on different paths. We are still holding hands and supporting each others the ways we can, while remaining true to our own devoted paths and visions. By parting ways we all could remain true to ourselves, which is the most important thing in the end.


After constructing the first hut, which we shifted into, we also raised an open kitchen, where we started daily cooking together meals for everybody. Happily we could see, that sharing and caring was the most efficient way to dispel the difficulties in eating habits of many kids. Practically, all of them, on any given day, would happily eat whatever was given on their plates. This joint effort was silently appreciated by all.


Slowly, we got into a nice routine on the new land with all kinds of construction works going on (from kitchen to classroom and cow shed to small temple etc). Children learned to take care of the cows: feed them, groom them, take them for walks. Being next to a forest, we rarely slipped an opportunity to go for long forest walks.


As many kids showed interest in music, we were allowed to respond to that call. By grace alone we met one drums master Bharathi, and a keyboard teacher Hari; both well-versed with children and teaching. For almost a year, they have been giving classes to kids 3 to 4 times a week. A delight for many. As a climax of this routine, the whole bunch of our kids went and performed in the biggest festival, Shiva Ratri, in Annamalayar Koyil, the main temple of Tiruvannamalai. A night full of bliss and grace.


Before the Corona-caused closure, we were well settled to the land with a solid routine full of music, arts, cooking, running, laughing and screaming. On the last days before closing up, the long-planned playground with slides, bouldering walls, swings etc. had started taking good shape. Something to cherish after kids will return.


There was this and so much more happening during the past one and a half years. Yet, I think I already have exhausted you.


With this I let you enjoy the pictures below.