Kindergarten to Divya Rasa

In the previous post we wrote about our plans of getting started with the special children project again. On Monday, the 14th of February 2022 we then had a small group of children with their old teacher arriving to the land in an auto. The center was again open and functional. As the Covid-19 hit everything two years back, also many kids with their families returned to their homesteads and we were now left with few here in Tiruvannamalai. However, the children are back.


On the more futuristic front, we have decided to start raising funds for a kindergarten project. Our aim is to have some 25-30 children, aged 3-5, from the surrounding village here. This way we can extend our service to the very local people we are living with. Our idea is to have the special children along with the kindergarten kids in the same 2 acre campus, but to provide them different spaces for activities. This way, there will be a healthy exposure, and mixing from both sides, but also the peace to play among the peer groups. 


More of the thought later,