Arunachalam was born in the summer 2020 to Lalitha, mother of Neela Dakshayani, as her first-born. He was the great favorite of our cow-keeper, and a favorite of nature as well, in some ways.


It so happened, that Lalitha had some complications with her udders and milking her was very tedious and painful for her due to the slow flow of milk. This is why we gave up milking her and allowed Arunachalam to suckle her mother day in and day out. 


He then had to special priviledges in his early life: Arunachalam was hardly ever tied and he had unhindered access to milk. Maybe this is the reason, why he has developed such a saintly content and calm nature, despite being a young bull within the storms of his puberty (in April 2022).


Although we don't hold any commercial ideas, nor are we going to let go of our cows before the time let's go of them, we wish to provide them the comfortable, safe and healthy environment to live their lives. Arunachalam has been one of the God's favorites in many ways and we wish to retain it that way, too. His diet takes upto Rs. 3,000/- monthly and we need your help to keep it that way at:


Divya Rasa Trust

IndusInd Bank

A/c 201001654371 (Current Account)

IFSC: INDB0000822


Thank you for your support,


Team Divya Rasa