Common Signs and Symptoms for Autism

  • Autism results from a different development of brains from neuro-typicals ("normal people")
  • The signs and symptoms are observable from early childhood.
  • Autistic individuals have great difficulties in verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • They often avoid eye-contact
  • They restrain from social contacts.
  • Autism is characterized by repeated behaviors.
  • Autistic individuals are either hyper- or hypo-sensitive regarding one or more of their sensory organs
  • They hold a great understanding of the happenings around


Parenting Autism

  • Times are changing, in the past years parents with an autistic child had to go through social stigma
  • Autistic individuals find socialising tough, in turn many parents slowly disconnect from social circles and gatherings
  • Each autistic child is unique, parents struggle to understand the traits and also source of help
  • Parents go through long years of therapies, literally moving from pillar to post in hope of help and solace
  • In the long run some go through severe depressive cycles. Some are stirred with a spiritual seeking but the journey is not an easy one
  • Parenting Autism is a penance

Autism as we see it

  • A condition and situation brought about by humanity, gliding away from nature and misuse of it's resources
  • Autism is a call to re-connect to nature, to source, to life in it's true sense and fullness
  • Autistic individuals understand and feel the thoughts, emotions and intentions surrounding them
  • Autism is the call to be empathetic
  • Autism harbors change, good percentage are savants with extra-ordinary skills and innate abilities.
  • We perceive the growing number of autistic individuals as a sign of change, a way to collective living and sharing. 
  • We often feel, that they actually act from "the Knowledge". This means that they would not willingly take part to an exercise they Know to be useless or lead to an unwanted outcome. They would never explain or reveal the plan they see unfolding but rather they would just play their part in their detached manner.