A Poem on Autism

Kurayana kurai kurayalla kurai

Nirayana kurai navaGnana pirai

Mozhiyilla marai swaradana thirai

marayana mazhai Siva balan thunai


Limits set so many / what do these limits deny

Seeds of wisdom limits shield / to provide in time fullest yield

A path treaded without a voice / is path to pass through all the noise

Hidden is drizzle of Grace / with Murugan would match the pace


Limitations in the body functions and certain mental faculties are not limitations as such when immersed in Grace. In fact, these limitations are the borders of a container, metaphorically speaking. When a pot is filled to the brim, the new wisdom and knowledge may sprout. Without the so-called limitations the contents of the pot would spill, or the thriving energy of the soul would be spent before the fulfillment and rebirth. With the outlet being designed to be smaller than intake, the pot will overflow amply and bring about a grand transformation in the being, bringing about the siddhi of Jnana.


When we look at autistic savants we can see a huge difference in the mental capacity and thought process, compared to anyone called “normal”. These special autistic kids have pretty much everything from the mental faculties in their tool kit. They would know the principles to manifest and create and with their youthful energy they could forcibly, unknowingly or through mental or sub-conscious impulse create a lot, possibly havoc as well. Being in limited contact with outer world within their blissful bubble, they are spared from excruciating experiences they could face in the normal world. Normal kids are safe with their spilling energy and sometimes tormenting feels, as they do not know their inner ways and hence the consequences of their actions remain in smaller scale. Autistic savants, if exposed to too much, may bring their frustration and other emotional reaction into their pristine inner world. That would be more devastating to a person than chopping of their hands and legs.


One way of looking at the seeming limitations of autistic savants is that, these limitations are in fact the protective shield for them. A shelter preventing them to get caught in the consequences of actions provoked by overwhelming experiences. Being this way separated from the normal world, they are in fact being taken care of and sheltered, if taken a look from the higher perspective, a perspective from which they operate. Without being consumed by the wheel of life, these kids may reach the yogic fulfillment in short time and be transformed into embodiments of wisdom.


Agamas and Vedas refer to the Wisdom, masters tell us to remain silent and watch the universal play unfold. Wisdom has no color or taste, no sound at all. That is the all-encompassing consciousness or Siva. A way without speech is a way without explaining, a way without defensive actions, a way of simply being and flowing. It is a way of spontaneous actions rightly timed and placed without force or effort. With autistic savant kids, or other evolved being this could mean the ways of telepathic communication as well, but ultimately it is not about a chit chat channel that others can't hear. It is about the communion with Siva and withdrawal from that only in the times with action needed.


Sound is a screen and a gift. For those operating from Siva-consciousness, the Sound is a way to manifest, to make the changes take place. To help others and guide their way. For those who are trapped in the worldly drama, sound is a screen that hides and witholds the ultimate goal. Through learning the truthful and correct use of sound only, one can transcend the barrier of sound. In the contradictory world we live in, this will be reached through silence only. Yet, this may only be learned through embodying love as the only guiding force. Through surrender one may attain this.


With a pure heart one can approach Siva's son, Muruga. Being blessed by Grace, Muruga will guide one to the hidden source of Grace. In most simple way put, Muruga's companionship could refer to the skill of discrimination or clarity. With clarity one may tread the path of spiritual ambition and reach the goal of seeping Grace. That is to say that the action taken would match the needs and necessities. Only in that way one will find the permanent stay in the Graceful drizzle.


In the brain of our bodies we can find a gland with special spiritual meaning, the pituitary. One secretion of pituitary gland is a mixture of hormones called pituitrine. Siddhas and Rishis call this secretion amrutha, or divine nectar, as the flow of it has an immediate soothing and relaxing effect on the nerves and it brings about a blissful experience. Through love-filled actions only we can approach and activate this gland, or inner Queen. Through actions constantly guided by love and rightful sight, or acts of Wisdom, we can activate the other important gland, pineal gland, in the brain. With both pituitary and pineal glands active at all times, our body can sustain the divine energy current, which is like a constant, prolonged strike of a lightning. With this being the state, we are truly walking the path of San Marga, or god-communion.