Drapes of Nature

Statement of Purpose

We wished to have access to the commercial markets in order to increase the self-sustainability of the Divya Rasa Trust. Thus, we have started a small enterprise called Divya Rasa - Drapes of Nature. This enterprise is registered with Thasleem Farzana (the Author and Managing trustee of Divya Rasa Trust) as the sole proprietrix of the venture. Whatever the profit this venture brings, will be donated in full towards Divya Rasa Trust.


The use of the name Divya Rasa, as well as Thasleem being the proprietrix of the enterprise have been approved by the whole Board of Trustees of Divya Rasa Trust.


Details of Divya Rasa - Drapes of Nature:


Udyog Aadhar: TN29A0004578

Mobile:               +91 9176300657

Email:                  DivyaRasa555@gmail.com


Bank Details:


Indian Bank

Branch:                   Temple View branch, Tiruvannamalai

IFSC:                        IDIB000T111

Account Number: 6640610833

Current Activities

Planter / Vaarthi Pots from Cow Dung

Our first incentive in Drapes of Nature is to produce planter pots from cow dung and plant saplings of some well known herbs like Tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum), Sage (Salvia officinalis), Mint (Menta), Fenugreek (Trigonella foenim-graecum) etc. in them.


Another use of these pots is in homams, or fire rituals. We found out that as the normal Vaarthi burns around 15 min, our pots keep up the fire for up to one hour.


These planter / Vaarthi pots are being sold empty and with saplings for sustaining Divya Rasa Trust. 


To us in Divya Rasa - Temple of Love, the importance of cow dung to autistic individuals was revealed by the children themselves. We observed some of them consciously and repeatedly searching for cow dung to play with while we were on our daily walks in the nature. This behavior triggered our interest to do a little research and experimentation on cow dung and its properties.


Cow dung has been scientifically shown to have large quantities of certain non-pathogenic Mycobacterium vaccae (also found in some quantities practically everywhere in the soil), which when breathed will stimulate the production of serotonin in the body and brain. Low serotonin levels have been linked to mood-swings, psychological problems and even schizophrenia.


Scientific studies have revealed that in laboratory conditions, exposure to Mycobacterium vaccae would increase the subject serotonin levels. Individuals on Autism Spectrum often suffer from the lowered levels of Serotonin in their system, which may be contributing to the extensive mood swings and emotional melt-downs they experience in their life.


The cow dung pots are manufactured as handcrafts and autistic individuals in the centre are from time to time taking part in the process by mixing cow dung with rice straw or husk as a form of therapy to expose them to Mycobacterium vaccae and stimulate serotonin secretion in their brain. This is the next step in evolution of the process, which was initiated by children, then taken further by us when we together with children collected cow dung and made vaarthis out of it to offer in our own weekly homams.

Hence, the pot you are beholding is a derivative and a fruit of an activity in which we were lead by the children themselves, and which potentially offers a great aid for them (and why not for us) too.

If you got interested and want to know more, please don't hesitate to contact through the contact form below.


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