Gayathri is the oldest of the herd, and one of the first, who ever came here. She came in the early 2019 with her calf, Ammu Kutti.


That time there were three of the old Matriarchs (Gayathri, Ammu and Usha), who were far older and more experienced than the rest of the lot, who came as "yearlings".  By now, Ammu and Usha have already passed from the old age, having served their life fully. 


Gayathri has since Ammu Kutti given birth to Shivan Siddhartha (late 2020), as well, whom she is still kindly allowing a small dose of milk daily, despite she being pregnant (April 2022). Gayathri is a peculiar and maybe not so commercially oriented cow. It was clear from the very beginning, that she decided how much of her milk would go to the shop, and how much would to the calf. When the time was up according to her mind, she would start running circles or simply jumping around, making it impossible to anybody to stay close to her, let alone milk her. This, however, never affected to her love and care towards her own. 


As she is aging, feeding her big boy Shivan Siddhartha and being pregnant all at once, we are giving her a little extra attention and care when it comes to food. Her daily meals cost around Rs. 4,000/- and we need your help to support her and keep her hale and healthy through her duties as a mother at:


Divya Rasa Trust

IndusInd Bank

A/c 201001654371 (Current Account)

IFSC: INDB0000822


Thank you for your support,


Team Divya Rasa