Kashi Narayanan

Kashi in his office
Kashi in his office

Kashi Narayanan, or Kashi, as we call him, was the first cow (or bull) to settle in Divya Rasa. In the autumn of 2018 Kashi was a small boy, whose destiny was to be sold, and the profit to be given as a donation to the Perumal (Vishnu) of Tirupati. Luckily for us, we found out about this plan and acquired him to graze and grace the land. With Kashi begun the Go Shala program of Divya Rasa.


Kashi has ever since grown well and sturdy a bull, whose talents do not lie so much in pulling the cart or tilling the land. By nature's choice, Kashi has become the fertile man of the nearby villages. When we settled here, all the inseminations were done artificially. At some point (after having had 4 of our cows inseminated) we let Kashi loose.


Supposedly the word went around the villages. Rather sooner than later, it has been a once-in-a-week sight to see somebody come with their cow or cows here in the early morning hours. Sometimes people ask for the services of Kashi, but it is more of a habit not to bother about such formalities and just fetch our Big Boy from the shelter and let the nature take its course.


Kashi is successfully doing his part for the surrounding communities and is definitely worth food to fill his belly. Here we need your help to keep him well fed, healthy and able. Kashi eats roughly worth Rs. 3,000 monthly. On a busy period his existence might even save that much for the fellow beings around.


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