Kiran Mayi

Kiran Mayi came to Divya Rasa as a baby with her mother Usha. Along with Gayathri and Ammu, Usha was the senior of the original herd, which came in during a short span of time.


As have Ammu's offspring, especially Shyama undergone the stress of mother leaving this plane of existence, so it happened for Kiran Mayi as well. Usha was the first cow to go, only after one year from her arrival.


All of the people who saw her, were saying that she was an old cow, and how did we get such an animal. But for us she was Usha who came here, spent her last days in good care and closed her eyes for the last time while we were gathered around her to chant and pray. 


Kiran Mayi was left behind, and as she had no mother to go to, she would eagerly come to any human being, who was ready to spare time to give some scratching or petting. Kiran Mayi grew up to be on of the most stubborn cows we have. Basically, we can't move her if she doesn't allow, which she does a lot. Hence, we have learned to coax her by taking all the others first, and as she grows a little impatient or realizes that others are already eating, she will rush there on her own.


Other than that, Kiran Mayi does not show her mind. Actually, one could probably sleep next to her using hera as a pillow, and she wouldn't mind. Sweet soul she is. 


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