Manikandan is one of the first ones to come here. He came as a little baby boy in 2019 with his mother Ammu (Mother of both Amavasya and Shyama, too), who passed on in the beginning of April 2022. 


From the beginning we were seeing some pretty incredible stunts from this kind, gentle and strong bull. As young calves, Manikandan, Ammu Kutti and Kiran Mayi were allowed to roam free, without leashes. They more than once (practically every day) found their ways to kitchen to check out if there were some snacks or forgotten vegetables on the tables. The trio was often lead by Manikandan to the temple of Babaji, as if they would have done their morning prayers, followed the small Agastya Kudil, where they would not fit in, but would go and take a peek.


One morning we witnessed a peculiar event in Babaji Kudil. The dress of Babaji was clearly misplaced from one side (be it wind or children), when Manikandan came in. He straight went to Babaji, picked carefully the dress in his mouth, and straightened it before leaving the place.


While growing older Manikandan has shown his strength to the extent that many are afraid of him. Yet, his rolling gallop to you hardly ever means anything else, than that he wants to lick you and be cuddled. Admitted, it is not easy to stand still when hundreds of kilograms are running towards you, horns first.


Manikandan is still a year from taking a spot next to Kashi in public services, but as can be seen from the photos, he is already taking keen interest in such areas of life as well.


Manikandan is one happy and gentle bull, who will share the love with those, who dare to receive. Please help us keep him that way; hale and healthy. Manikandan needs Rs. 3,000/- monthly to sustain properly. You can support him at:


Divya Rasa Trust

IndusInd Bank

A/c 201001654371 (Current Account)

IFSC: INDB0000822


Thank you for your support,


Team Divya Rasa