Radha is a unique piece in our herd. She was also one of the first ones to come in the early 2019. Her case is interesting though, as she came alone as a little calf, who by all means should have been still drinking from her mother's milk bar. That option was however cut off from her quite early on. 


Radha came as a loner but made soon friends with Karunya, another loner, who came as a 1-year old calf. However, unlike the other three (Manikandan, Ammu Kutti, Kiran Mayi), who came with their mothers, these two never bonded so fondly with anyone and always retained certain caution towards humans. 


Radha was from the beginning a strider of her own paths. She would do as her head or heart told her, despite others or humans. After she grew up (she is by far the tallest cow in the herd now), she would never hesitate to use her size to her advantage. Being tall, slim, agile and fast she would happily bounce people lightly, if she was unhappy with their intentions. If she was ever shown her way from the "greener side of the fence" back to her designated space, she would jump and gallop and run like a mad cow, but she would never fail to understand and complete the demanded task.


Good hearted she is and as I went today (April 15th 2022) to click some pictures while the cows were eating, she came running to me, first thinking I held something sweet, and after that being just curious about the phone and whatever I was up to. Last click or two in the slideshow below show her reactions. In general, that is the energy of our cows. They have their personalities, but they all are very friendly and curious.


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