Shyama was born two months back (Feb -22) on a day before new moon (Amavasya). We named her Shyama. She must have been the fifth calf of her mother. Ammu, her mother, was aged, yet very royal cow with beautiful and big horns. She was like the queen of the whole herd.


It is unfortunate, that Shyama lost her mother in less than two months. Ammu first collapsed and could not get up on her own. Within three days she stopped eating even green grass or any of her favorite foods. Then we could see and feel a kind of Chaitanya, a blissful feel, in her. As she stopped eating, she quickly for very fragile and left her body in front of us, while we were there holding her and praying for her.


Doctor said, it was due to lack of calcium and nutrition, that she died. Following that, Shyama has become very fragile and lost her direction to somewhat without her mother. She eats the green grass, dry hay and all the suplements we are providing, yet she is in need of more holistic nutritional care for the sake of her development.


One just can't replace the caressing and caring mother following Shyama everywhere and licking her clean of the dust. Nor can we replace her nutritious milk. But we can do a lot by giving our best efforts for her sake. Already, she has a friend, Agastya, in the herd. Agastya is of the same age, and spends days and nights with Shyama, looking after her.


We still need your support and help to give her as nutritious food as possible. Shyama will need a special diet to replace the lack of mother's milk. Monthly it will take Rs. 2,500/- Please help us at:


Divya Rasa Trust

IndusInd Bank

A/c 201001654371 (Current Account)

IFSC: INDB0000822



Thank you for your support.


Team Divya Rasa