Voluntary Service in Divya Rasa

We acknowledge that nothing can be achieved alone here in this world. We need help to accomplish our vision and to share it with others. 


One of our principles is that each child would have their individual needs attended to at all times. This requires personnel. According to our current understanding and the natural environment we are operating in, we need more or less one adult for each child we include to our program.


At the moment we have 13 children attending the day-care center and four adults working with them. Hence, there is a constant need for people who wish to work and learn with differentially abled individuals in Divya Rasa.


The regular day at here consist of nature walks, music and chanting, mandala-making, swimming and individual activities. Lunch we prepare ourselves and enjoy it in the nature together with children. Days include short group meditations, as well. Although we have a set routine, it is never so strict we wouldn't be open for a spontaneous change for a day, or even a total revamping of our ideas when the nature is offering something new. Being flexible keeps our daily lives alive.


The best way to share what we are doing and experiencing is through others who have experienced it themselves. Once someone comes and joins their hands with ours in the daily work, they will definitely carry something with them to tell to their peers and friends. We believe this is the best way of spreading anything worth spreading. This is one reason we wish people to come and experience the life here in Tiruvannamalai.


We welcome volunteers to work with team Divya Rasa for the empowerment and support of special individuals, as much as of each one of us. As of now, we can only offer work for five days a week with food included but we are looking forward to be able to offer accommodation as well.


If you are interested in working with autistic individuals and us, or if you desire an experience that you would probably never find in any other destination of yours, do contact us. We are quite sure Divya Rasa will offer something new and enriching to anyone from health care professional to a backpacker with wide smile and open heart.


-Team Divya Rasa