Divya Rasa after three months

It is roughly three months since we started the day-care center here at Divya Rasa. After the initial orientation things have taken a beautiful shape and daily routine has been established. Daily activities include forest walks, bathing and music therapy, mandala making etc. Occasionally we take on a trip outside of the center for example to a temple in the countryside or for a climb up to the famous Virupaksha Cave on the lap of Arunachala. For few weeks we had the pleasure of hosting two special young men from Canada here at Divya Rasa. Thank you for your visit. Please, come again. For someone, who has been away for one and a half months, the change in children is something real and inspiring. Work really bears fruits and in such a short time. Enjoy the small collection of clicks from the way.



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    Sandeep Krishnan (Monday, 22 August 2016 03:22)

    Great to see the Children @ the day-care center. All the best

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    Sangetha Thad (Tuesday, 23 August 2016 11:07)

    Divya Rasa love and affection beyond the words. In the modern world, many souls choosing the non verbalizing mind because those souls just don't want to participate in the rat race. They are divine souls, they just want to be connected to the truth always that's why they reject to accept the rat race or what we call normal. Divya Rasa absolutely understand their purpose and doing the service to them in what way they want it instead of fixing them. Thank you for all the people work hard to bring this idea. God bless you all.