Discussions about Divya Rasa and autism in Auroville

We were invited to tell and discuss about Divya Rasa and our approach to autism in presentation / discussion session organized by Social Entrepreneurship Association (SEA) in Auroville. Our humble gratitude to Sangeetha Sriram and the SEA team for giving us this opportunity. In the end it was only Pekka from the invitees who would make to the meeting.


Personally the experience was wonderful. The great advantage of people gathering together over some topic is the possibility of sharing and learning something new. Besides the subtle learning I actually was made aware of the overtone singing as a tool to work with autistic individuals. I hope all the participants would feel they learned and carried with them something as well.


If you wish to listen to the 2-hour long discussion session (or parts of it), it can be found from Auroville Radio www-pages in here.


Much love and gratitude,