Future Awaits



Covid-19 brought a great change into our lives and the life of Divya Rasa Trust. As we were forcd to close the place for now almost 2 years, we had to part ways with our long-term staff and sit still in our premises, taking care of our cows and wondering what life would have in store for us in future.


After long and thorough process of relflecting and introspection, we came to conclusion that the trust will no more continue with the special children. We felt we had given there all we could, and as neither Thasleem nor Pekka were professionals on the branch, we had almost burnt out ourselves in the process. 


After all, our calling lies in different direction. In that of Siddhars, who were the onsetting force of our journey more than 10 years ago. We have decided to develop this land into a place of meditation and contemplation, open to anyone feeling the call to come in.


As we had already constructed couple of temporary temples on the land for Mahamuni Agastya and Mahavatar Babaji, we felt the first task was to bring these buildings up to the mark, so that they can serve as meditation spaces and good, permanent places of worship.


Although, our journey with children seemingly came to an end, we have not forgotten the lessons and connections from the past. It so happened that one, years back communicated structure relating to Hanuman and Madhavacharya, was now brought up from the lockers of memory. 


When the Universe communicates synchronously and in multiple manners, even the thickest head tends to bow and accept the message. Hence, we have decided to first go with this new temple structure.


Follow the blog to know more, when the projects are shaping up, or come to see it yourself.