Amavasya, as his name says, was born to the late Ammu on an amavasya afternoon. This birth was a particular moment in the life of Ammu to us people, because besides the labor, she would never ask for anything.


She was such a stubborn and powerful lady with her big horns, that people had to be very careful with her, except when it came to milking. Then she behaved. 


When the labor of Amavasya started, Ammu was showing some signs of  frustration. Finally, when lying down, she repeatedly raised her head and looked at us as if begging for help. We then played the role of midwife to get Amavasya out into this world and it all went fine and nice. How do we know this was a unique occasion? When it came to the labor of Shyama, Ammu threatened to spear us with her horns as we approached to help her.


Amavasya became fast friends with Bala, both being born within a few weeks span of time. Both black, both very gentle, they however developed a great fancy of eating the greener grass on the other side of the fence. Unlike the big cows, who believed they could not cross the flimsy net fencing, Amasya and Bala figured ways to crawl under or rush through, which ever was most convenient at the given time. 


Amavasya is perhaps the most silent and gentle of our beasts. We truly don't know how it came to be as he is the (now orphaned) son of Ammu. However, we are grateful for his trouble-free company and presence. Help us keep him well fed and healthy at:


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