Healing Sounds

Energy vibrates at different frequencies and each frequency has a sound. Actually every frequency is a sound. Everything in the universe has a sound which vibrates at its particular frequency. Mantras are the sounds of the language of the Universe. Mantras are tuning instruments. We chant a particular mantra when there is a need to tune in and access that particular universal frequency.


When we chant a particular sound our body and energy field resonate with that frequency. The connection is established and maintained through resonance. Our energy matches and synchronizes with the energy of the sounds we produce and the thoughts that we create. It is the nature of our energy that attracts to us and creates events, circumstances and the environment around us.


Much of what we create and attract is produced by our sub-conscious automatic-pilot programming. Mantras are a powerful tool to de-program ourselves, to re-create new programs and to influence our thought patterns. Mantras are also Access Codes to different channels in our mind. Mantras help us open channels that we often cannot access consciously or reach by rational thoughts or intent. It helps to connect to our Higher Consciousness and higher Spiritual Connections.